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Click on the links below to view the recorded webinars from the Portfolio Playbook Series.

1. Setting the course for your digital journey. Watch now
Discover how EA and portfolio management can be used to ensure the right digital strategies are selected and monitored as well as to assess their impact on the organization’s capabilities.

2. Accelerating digital delivery with bimodal. Watch now
Find out how bimodal approaches can accelerate IT delivery – and business change as a whole – to deliver business agility and the role of EA and portfolio management in implementing a bimodal approach.

3. Streamlining IT for digital success. Watch now
Join our deep dive into the area of technology standardization and how EA and portfolio management can be leveraged to overcome legacy and deliver agile IT. Further, we will touch on the subject of managing technology innovation as an enabler of digital transformation.

See a demonstration of a planning approach that provides stakeholders with plans that fit their specific perspective and that expose the short-, mid- and long-term planning intent. Further, learn how plans make strategic choices such as deciding between on-premises or cloud-based solutions as digital enablers more transparent.

In this playbook session we show how the project portfolio can be optimized smartly and how to compare project portfolio scenarios for their impact on the digital business strategy.

6. More bang for the buck from IT spending
Discover how EA and portfolio management can be used to identify short-term savings as well as ensure that future IT spending is cost-effective and focused on business strategy.

7. Faster gain, less pain in acquisition integration
See how EA and portfolio management can be used to bring the new team on board and provide the transparency and methodology needed in the pre-acquisition due diligence as well as the post-acquisition integration phase.      

8. Digital excellence with technology innovation
Find out how EA and portfolio management facilitate identification of technology innovations, assessment of their business impact as well as road-mapping of their usage.            

9. Business confidence from reduced IT risk
See how EA and portfolio management can be used to structure IT risk management efforts, map business dependencies and assess risks for the purpose of mitigation and risk-acceptance decision-making.

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