Webinar: Process Mining and Modeling – Why they are Better Together  

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While an increasing number of businesses have already implemented process modeling and mining, the vast majority continue to do so in isolation, which means process transformation initiatives fall short or – worse – fail.  

When looking at both areas in isolation, it is challenging to get a full picture of the whole truth. To keep up, you need to take two essential components into account, which are required for successful process transformation:

  1. A strategy and implementation plan for the desired new way of working, and
  2. Complete visibility of your current way of working

Process modeling sets the bar for what you want to achieve and provides a plan for the desired way of working. Process mining, on the other hand, gives you complete visibility into your current way of working, identifies where you are and dictates what needs to change so that you stay on the right path. 

This underlines the value and necessity of processes that are both modeled and measured. With this understanding, you can start your journey toward process transformation with the goals and measurements necessary to determine whether your designed processes are performing as expected.

Find out more about how process modeling and mining can be combined to achieve true process transformation. Hear Martin Scheid and Tebogo Mokgomogane from Software AG as they demonstrate why Process Modelling and Mining work better together. They are joined by Gerrit Franssen, Program Leader BPM-WLM, who showcases how the Belgian Public Prosecution Service is using both technologies to achieve process transformation. 

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Program Speakers:

Gerrit Frannsen.jpg
Gerrit Franssen, Program Leader BPM-WLM, Belgian Public Prosecution Service

Martin Scheid.jpg
Martin Scheid, ARIS Product Manager, Software AG

Tebogo Mokgomogane.jpg
Tebogo Mokgomogane, Senior Manager, ARIS Product Marketing, Software AG