Webinar: Breaking Up (With Your Process Modelling Tool) Is Hard to Do

A Post-Valentines ARIS Talk

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Feeling like you've grown apart from your Process Modelling tool? Like the 'spark' has faded, leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated? It's time to cut the cord and make a change - but how?

Join the BPM relationship guru, J-M Erlendson, as he takes you through the process of breaking up and finding new love... with ARIS. In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Retain your good memories (e.g. process and architecture models)
  • Start your new relationship on the right foot (by importing those models at full fidelity into ARIS)
  • Help new love blossom (by enhancing your models into an enterprise framework)

So put down that box of chocolate and let's get you back out there - with ARIS on your arm!