Webinar: 2022 Retail Trends: What are They and How Can you Keep Up?

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Imagine it’s the summer of 2012 and it’s finally time to replace your grill. You know what you want, but store after store you’re not finding it.

You imagine what it would be like if in seconds you could see the closest store with your choice in stock – guaranteed; see exactly where in the store it is; avoid the long checkout and just walk out; and to top it off, seamlessly spread the payment over four months. Probably just a thing of the future.

This year, that’s going to be a standard customer experience across the country (and we’re not just talking about grills). For the customer, it’s a fantastic thing – but what does this mean for retailer?

Watch Software AG’s retail expert, Andrew Busby, for a conversation about where the industry is moving technologically and get answers to the big questions:

  • How do you differentiate between a simple fad and something that will become an industry standard?
  • How can you ensure that new processes won’t disrupt your current model?
  • What are the risks of not changing?
Program Speaker

Andrew Busby Headshot.jpg

Andrew Busby, Global Industry Leader for Retail at Software AG

More than 22 years of retail experience including responsibility for IT operations and working with retailers to deliver transformational IT software and services solutions. Founder of Retail Reflections, a start-up retail analyst practice, which has grown into one of the most recognizable names in the retail industry.

Former Forbes contributor and best-selling retail author, one of the most influential figures in retail both as a writer and a speaker. Ranked as a top global retail influencer by Vend, RTIH and RETHINK Retail, appearances include the BBC, ITV, Sky TV and many other radio and media publications.