Webinar: When Machines Talk: customer experience is transformed

Hear how SHAPE Technologies are reshaping their relationship with customers through remote monitoring, performance management, and other IoT-enabled use cases.

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Learn how SHAPE Technologies, the global leader in ultra-high-pressure process solutions, delivers a better customer experience using insights from IoT devices and connected equipment that reveals when customer equipment needs servicing, and the exact intervention needed.

SHAPE is sharing insights into the capabilities needed to deploy remote monitoring and performance management use cases, and the observed outcomes that derive from the deployment of these use cases, including and not limited to: 

  • Delivering real-time visibility into the usage and performance of connected equipment
  • Anticipating part failure through remote monitoring
  • Understanding which breakdowns have occurred, and why
  • Understand whether their current products are optimal from a design perspective
  • Improve customer experience, reduce costs and energy usage

You can make an informed decision about whether your business can benefit from deploying either and/or both, remote monitoring & performance management use cases – and the potential value you can deliver to customers.

Then, get started with a  free trial of Cumulocity IoT to try it yourself, or schedule a session with us to see the potential of a flexible, reliable, and scalable IoT platform for your organization. 

Featured speakers include:

  • Tim Fabian, VP of Marketing & Product Management, SHAPE Technologies Group
  • Ricky Singh, VP IoT Americas Sales, Software AG