Leverage smart data management to empower your Enterprise Architecture

Duration: 75 minutes

Enterprise Architecture plays a critical role in ensuring that organizations are agile, competitive, and future-ready. It aims to provide an integrated 360-degree view of the organization that serves as a foundation for data-driven decision making for effective transformation and optimization of business and IT. This requires that the EA data be complete, consistent, and up-to-date. Bad, duplicated, and outdated EA data is no foundation for good decision making. Smart data management is an essential procedure ensuring that this decision-making is based on reliable and precise information.

Join us on this webinar to explore smart management of EA data. Discover techniques to simplify data management and foster data collaboration even in complex data ecosystems. Delve into the critical role of data quality and how data quality rules can be used to improve data integrity and governance. Find out how to derive actionable insights from your data using data analytics and visualizations. Gain practical knowledge by seeing our software tool in action and hearing about best practice case studies and the achievable outcomes.

Harness smart data management within your EA framework and capitalize the potential of your data for more efficiency and paving the way for reliable data-driven decision making.

David Ferre
Director Product Management, Software AG