Strategic IT Budgeting in Turbulent Times

Duration: 30 minutes

In an increasingly unpredictable business climate, the immediate reaction is to reduce all expenses. But indiscriminate cost-cutting measures can have detrimental long-term effects on the business. To navigate challenging situations, it’s crucial to step back and strategically identify areas where budget changes will have a positive long-term impact and help maintain a competitive position.

Join us to discuss strategic decision-making during challenging times and budget optimization in ensuring long-term success, including:

  • Understanding the risks of indiscriminate cost-cutting
  • Preserving funding for core business areas and strategic initiatives
  • Data-driven decision-making using Alfabet for enterprise architecture (EA) and strategic portfolio management (SPM)

Discover how you can use EA and SPM to make strategic budgeting decisions that can ensure your business' future success. This webinar includes a product demonstration.

Richard Winnik

Customer Success Manager, Software AG