Creating sustainable value from IoT

Quinnox and Software AG show how IoT and seamless integration enable sustainability — and how to make it a reality from the boardroom to your front-line operations.

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Making smart connected products isn't an all-or-nothing journey. Neither is sustainability. However you’re starting your journey, IoT enables you and your customers to meet new sustainability goals. Create sustainability-linked value and efficiencies at every stage of your IoT maturity by offering new connected products and services.

Quinnox and Software AG join forces to bring you a four-part IoT and sustainability-focused webinar series hosted by Quinnox. In the first installment, learn how IoT and seamless integration can work together to enable sustainability. Explore the sustainable IoT landscape with us, the challenges involved, and the best ways to pair your IoT journey with your and your customers’ sustainability goals—while also exploring key use cases.

As you progress through stages of IoT maturity, understand how traditional IoT use cases (Remote Monitoring, Smart Field Services, and Performance Management - helping monitor and predict maintenance and repair needs) can drive value through greater sustainability, as well as improved efficiency and enhanced customer services.

  • JP Richard-Charman – Product Marketing Manager, IoT & Analytics, Software AG
  • Jaffar Razool – Senior Vice President, Integration, Quinnox