The Connected Enterprise – 3 ways to become more resilient and more agile

Featured Speaker:

Eric Roovers, VP Transformation Solutions, Software AG

Agility is your ability to respond to planned, desired change. Resilience is your ability to respond to unplanned, undesired change. Both are under pressure if you are not in control of how your ever more digital business is connected.

In this webinar, we discuss 3 ways to improve your resilience and your agility, by managing connectedness in a central enterprise management system.

  • One way of working – Analyse and implement regulatory requirements and standards quickly across all functions, business lines, and markets.
  • End-to-end alignment – Optimise customer journeys and internal processes, even the tough ones that no one dares to touch.
  • Combined expertise – Bring together business and risk experts into agile first-line teams to ensure continuous improvement and control.

Join us and learn to make your company more agile and resilient to be prepared for the future.