Webinar: Leveraging Open and Modular Edge Computing to Accelerate Industrial IoT Solutions

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Edge computing can help manufacturers make their products smarter to generate valuable insights. But until now, it's been a challenge to connect and manage embedded devices securely, avoid vendor lock-in and control the cost of equipment upgrades.

In this webinar, Software AG and Kunbus deliver insights that will help you connect your embedded devices with security and reliability, more quickly, and easily than ever before. You’ll learn how combination of open-source edge computing (thin-edge.io) and modular, industry-grade hardware (Revolution PI from Kunbus) can help you generate business value quickly and maintain flexibility for whatever your connected equipment future brings.

Learn how to overcome challenges with IoT-enabled devices connected through thin edge:

  • Create a secure product that is still easy to manage
  • Create and operate a product that remains reliable and robust years into the future
  • Maintain freedom of choice for IoT platforms, programming languages and embedded hardware platforms
  • Add features to smart, connected equipment while controlling costs and maintaining high performance

Manufacturers building with thin-edge.io gain an extensible, open platform for building new, flexible IoT applications on thin edge devices, drawing on proven technology. thin-edge.io is the first open source, cloud-agnostic tool IoT framework designed for resource-constrained edge devices.

Kunbus will showcase a live demonstration of IoT at the edge from the shop floor of its Stuttgart headquarters, leveraging the Revolution PI. See how easy it can be to connect and manage thin edge devices, generate insights into machine performance, and configure systems to improve performance.

Program Speakers


Boris Crismancich, Business Development, Kunbus  

Boris is a business developer with 20 years of experience in technology, including over 6 years in Industrial IoT. He has a strong technical background and deep knowledge about the application of sensors, IoT hardware, machine learning, edge and cloud software development. He also has extensive experience in the development of IIoT business models and market entrance strategies for IIoT-enabled machinery and products. 


Andrej Schreiner, Senior Product Manager, IoT & Analytics, Software AG 

Andrej Schreiner is a Senior Product Manager at Software AG, where he leads the IoT Edge product teams that shape how industrial companies can leverage Industrial IoT and Edge computing to overcome operational and business challenges to create new digital products and services. Furthermore he is one of the initiators of the thin-edge.io open-source initiative, where he is supporting to grow the community, shaping the vision and helping users to unlock innovative use cases.