Webinar: Leveraging Thin Edge and Machine Learning to Integrate and Manage Device Fleets 

Learn how new features of the Cumulocity IoT platform help you increase speed to value 

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Are you looking for ways to integrate and manage your connected devices more efficiently? New thin edge and machine learning features in the Cumulocity IoT platform deliver a seamless experience to manage and update devices in the field, while maintaining unrivalled security and reliability. 

Watch this webinar to learn how to generate more value, more quickly from connected equipment. Customer success stories and demos show how to take advantage of new capabilities including: 

  • How to connect and mange thin edge solutions running on low-power devices faster, easier, with greater security and flexibility
  • How to simplify IoT device management with a single console to onboard and manage all your devices
  • How to leverage machine learning for benefits including predictive maintenance, optimized machine performance and insights-driven product design.

Leading companies are seeing the benefits of the Cumulocity IoT platform for device management. You’ll see how real customers: 

  • Removed the complexity linked to updating firmware, software, and apps in the field, while maintaining high security and reliability to connect and maintain devices in operational environments.
  • Broke down the barriers of hardware and software fragmentation to streamline device updates and capture of consistent data that drives preventative maintenance decisions.

See what’s new in Cumulocity IoT – and how you can make the most from its capabilities to increase speed to value. Then, get started with a free trial of Cumulocity IoT to try it yourself, or schedule a free one-on-one demonstration to see the potential of machine learning in your organization. 

Featured Speakers

Nikolaus Neuerburg.jpg

Nikolaus Neuerburg, Senior Director of Product Management, IoT & Analytics 

Nikolaus Neuerburg is leading the Product Management team for the Cumulocity IoT platform and responsible for delivering on the mission to make IoT solution building easy and fast. 

As Technology Enthusiast, he is passionate about solving complex problems using data and building cloud-native solutions with a great user experience. His working experience spans multiple disciplines, starting as freelance software engineer, working as software delivery lead as well as building the digitalization strategy at E.ON and then transitioning to product management. 


Andrej Schreiner, Senior Product Manager, IoT Platform 

Andrej Schreiner is a Senior Product Manager at Software AG, where he leads the IoT Edge product teams that shape how industrial companies can leverage Industrial IoT and Edge computing to overcome operational and business challenges to create new digital products and services. Furthermore, he is one of the initiators of the thin-edge.io open-source initiative, where he is supporting to grow the community, shaping the vision, and helping users to unlock innovative use cases. 

Kim Rutten.png

Kim Rutten, Machine Learning & Analytics Product Manager 

Kim Rutten is Product Manager Machine Learning for Software AG, provisioning ML capabilities for the TrendMiner and Cumulocity IoT platforms and layered products like Apama Streaming analytics and the thinedge.io initiative. 

As innovation expert, he is passionate about solving complex problems using technology and knowledge generation. During his career, Kim spearheaded Industry 4.0 technology projects at manufacturing companies in Western Europe and designed patented AR guidance technology for assembly, including algorithms for experience level estimation. In the past 2 years, Kim has focuses on operationalizing Machine Learning in self-service analytical offerings.