Webinar: Overcome Transformation Challenges in Telco!

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We are in a critical period for the telecommunications industry in general and for communication service providers (CSPs) specifically. Despite providing indispensable services during the pandemic, telco’s financial fortunes have suffered as the economic value increasingly shifts to global internet companies. According to a McKinsey study the profit share of the telcos dropped from 74% of the total profits in 2014 to 40% in the year 2019 and the market cap of the CSPs went down by 25. At the same time the virtualization of network connectivity and other long-term industry trends are accelerating, reshaping the basis for competition.

Therefore, the telco industry is at a critical point: they have a unique opportunity to fundamentally reimagine and transform their business and become Digital Service Providers, or, alternatively, risk another decade of decline.

What if you, as a CSP, could benefit from such a transformation journey and effectively implement your new business strategy, measure the results and further optimize your business processes where needed to achieve operational excellence?

Watch this webinar to understand the capabilities needed to protect your business and to learn how to effectively design, implement and optimize to capitalize on the current environment while guaranteeing a successful future.

Give your company a path to being counted among the best!