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Strategic IT transformation with Alfabet: Simply Smart for Business

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Rapid shifts in business paradigms and technology are fueling the need for data-driven decision-making and constant innovation.

The result is that Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) are emerging as key players in driving strategic transformation. The EA and SPM disciplines uniquely guide organizations toward achieving business objectives through technology and collaboration. With EA's centralized platform and SPM's strategy-to-execution approach, companies can pursue opportunities, defend market position and bolster resilience against operational risks.

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Get strategic about your IT portfolio

For a company to advance strategically, IT must be in tune with changes to business strategy. Enterprise architecture (EA) and strategic portfolio management (SPM) are essential for bridging strategy and execution in order to pursue opportunities, defend its market position and build resilience to operational risks and strategic setbacks.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Optimize portfolios and incorporate them into a strategy formulation – and assess the impact of change.

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EA Management

Build a single source of truth and central platform for all change agents and stakeholders.

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Explore Alfabet

Make decisions on what needs to change; act on business strategy; and manage your IT in real-time.

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The Alfabet roadmap is based on the conviction that best product value will be derived from the quality of the insights delivered.

See firsthand why Alfabet is the #1 tool for transforming your IT strategy and driving business growth through an optimized IT portfolio, reduced costs, accelerated cloud migration and improved resiliency.

Alfabet 11: Simplicity Meets Strategy

Presenter:​ Tural Ahmadli, Associate Manager, Business Transformation

Alfabet 11 redefines how EA and strategic portfolio management are used in advancing a digital business strategy, enabling ALL stakeholders to effortlessly share information, and ANY user to easily derive meaningful insights. Experience the power of collective knowledge in driving informed decision-making.

Achieving Streamlined Application Portfolios with Alfabet

Presenter: Aashita Balan, Manager, Business Transformation

Create a streamlined path for your application portfolios. As IT complexities rise, innovation faces hurdles due to budget constraints. With Alfabet’s built-in KPIs and assessments, you can define rationalization strategies. Alfabet ensures efficient investment allocation, empowering you to deliver what truly counts.

Manage IT Costs to Secure Business Innovation

Presenter: Daniel Haack, Principal Solutions Architect

The drive for digitalization is stronger than ever while IT is expected to innovate with shrinking budgets. How then to fund innovation? Enterprise architecture and strategic portfolio management can help inform decision-making. Learn to optimize IT operating costs, maintain competitiveness, and drive innovation in an era of relentless digitalization.

Navigating Technical Risk and Operational Resilience

Presenter: Andrei Antipov, Manager, Business Transformation

Regulators worldwide are imposing new operational resilience rules designed to safeguard markets from disruption. Discover strategies to implement technology risk management and ensure compliance. Learn how to source, assess, and manage IT-imposed vulnerabilities while safeguarding your organization against disruptions and maintaining operational integrity.

Plan Cloud Migration to Make your IT Innovation-ready

Presenter: Laurenz Laske, Solutions Engineer

Does your cloud strategy meet evolving demands? Alfabet's cloud deployment and migration capabilities enable you to prioritize applications to maximize benefit. Pre-configured KPIs, a score card for cloud suitability assessment, and ready-to-go reports enable impact analysis and decision making to enhance your cloud strategy.

Building the project portfolio for value-driven innovation

Presenter: Danilo Kirschner, Principal Solutions Architect

With success defined by the speed of innovation, enterprises must manage their project portfolio with precision and agility. Avoid misdirected capital expenditures and failed project delivery by managing your project portfolio effectively. Discover how to create a vetted, executable project portfolio, free of conflicts and overlaps, focused on your business priorities.

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